• Interior, seating area and wall decorations
  • Chocolate cake with raspberries
  • Cast Iron Tenderloin, top view

About us

Main Street Farmer Eatery is well established local family owned community eatery with a scratch kitchen approach to the use of fresh local produce and ingredients with seasonal rotating menus which support our local farms, growers, bakeries and businesses in order to provide our guests with the best possible value, quality and confident dining experience for our community and beyond. 

Located on Main Street in the old Welters International Tractors sales store location in the beautiful old farming town of St. Michael just off the i94 corridor West of the Twin Cities.

Our modern industrial and urban industrial design creates a surprisingly urban atmosphere that makes our guests feel as though they could be in any big city or small town.  Our large confident open kitchen allows its guests the opportunity to observe as our kitchen team prepares classic Americana dishes with strong old country European influences using modern cooking techniques and presentations.